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At Centrex, we keep our customer at the core and couple it with our passion for improvement to drive real results. 

Who Are We

With over 15 successful projects completed and a highest percentage of client satisfaction rate, there is absolutely no doubt that Centrex Softworks is an excellent choice for your IT consulting, implementation development or integration projects. Our team of certified professionals always put you first by focusing on deadlines, budget, and your goals.

With a experienced team of professionals, you will have access to top talent at reasonable prices. Couple our client-first mindset with our industry experience, and the only thing standing between where you are now and where you want to be is getting in touch with one of our specialists.

Our Mission

At Centrex Softworks, we create and deliver custom software solutions that will enable you to achieve your business goals speedily and effectively. We are here to support your business and it’s growth – from planning software that will move the needle, to developing that software and supporting you through the entire rollout.

Our implementation process – including customization, set up, and configuration – has been perfected through the many years we have served in the Salesforce industry. We will also provide software integration services including strategy, development, and management to enable a continual flow of information from the cloud, premise to premise or from cloud to premise platforms.

What We Do

Our 6 Steps Process for
Completing a Project Successfully


Initiation & Planning

Our product engineering process centered on a combination of design thinking approach and agile methodology- are grounded in serving latent unmet needs of the customer and adding value to our clients. We use a human focused lens to create and accelerate differentiated and forward-looking digital solutions and customer experiences that resonate emotionally and drive a sustainable change.

Our technologists and strategists assume a beginner’s mindset, blend a suite of quantitative and qualitative research methods to discover customer needs, synthesise insights into an actionable problem statement, explore radical design alternatives to shape a prototype and gauge its real world efficacy. We test early and often & use our collective talents to build a defensible product.


Design & Execution

The magic bullet to conceptualising a product is by imprinting into it the DNA- perceptions, preferences, experiences and needs that define end users- and engaging with them on their terms; across time, channels, services & devices. Our insight practitioners widen their research lens by grounding their approach in understanding human context and collecting dynamic and experiential details that act as a force multiplier in finding the X factor in design. We conduct desktop research, mine data across social platforms through social media scraping, draw on interdisciplinary research and scholarly sources to articulate people’s voices in imagining products and services that align with the context of their lives and best solve their needs.



We outmaneuver the turbulence of research by synthesising meaningful insights to create opportunity hotspots; distilling weak signals and applying strategic thinking to formulate a problem statement. We bucket relevant observations in an empathy map to form a persona, unpack information into affinity map to cluster data and capture fitting observations into a journey map to develop potential insights.

We place the perspective of customers at the center of possible, plausible and desired futures to identify pain points and feed the key gaps into refining our problem statement. Our transdisciplinary team of professionals combine market knowledge, channel dynamics and gathered insights to immerse ourselves in the critical and complex human themes leading to highly targeted problem solving in the next stage.


Monitor & Control

We meld intuitive originality with analytical mastery to unlock trapped value from the crystallised problem statement in our ideation sessions. We drive our ideation process by articulating design alternatives using four lenses; customer, business, technology and experience, untangling the common ground of participants and triggering their motivations to co-develop a shared solution.

Employing diverse ideation methods like braindumping, brainwriting before and after the brainstorming session, we explore and decode the broadest spectrum of solutions. From the vast depository of design alternatives, we evaluate and prioritise design ideas by using dot voting and idea affinity maps for faster decision making & accelerating the product design reality to concept generation.



We begin with setting a right scope for the prototype, selecting the appropriate fidelity and choosing the tools, taking account of contextual & dispositional constraints of the product. Our early explorations, for instance, sketches, storyboards & clickable wireframes- test the proposed solution against functionality & user needs- in a preliminary testing with a close group of team members. Uncovering the insights of users enables us to catch specification-solution gaps at an early stage providing a quick approach to refine prototypes at lower costs. Armed with a robust understanding based on the test results, we make revisions & refinements based on feedback to improve the solution. We make informed design decisions from technical, branding and experiential stand points to illustrate high fidelity prototypes and internally test them again. With iterative improvements and better understanding of the solution space, the prototype grows in breadth and depth as required details and functionalities are built out, until the high potential prototype is finalised to be scaled up for development.



We bring the product offering to market much faster by compressing the length of time from development to release and treating the end user as the ultimate arbiter of the product value. We deploy a highly iterative agile software development framework to attune the delivery engine towards delivering a quality product. Our scrum teams use daily stand-up meetings for attaining the sprint goal and tracking sprint velocity through burndown charts for achieving the maximum efficiency. Our scrum masters troubleshoot the scrum smells to ensure disciplined implementation of agile practices. Our project managers monitor project progress by tracking cycle time and lead time through Cumulative Flow Diagrams (CFD) to increase the throughput. Our whole team approach allows testing in real time with active collaboration of testing and development teams to identify and resolve the errors at the earliest. We keep application maintenance costs minimum and reduce manual effort and increase resiliency by constantly unloading the technical debt.

Why Choose Us?

If you oraganisation is ready to grow and transform with custom software, you are in the right place. By outsourcing your custom software and development and CRM needs to us, you will be in a better position to concentrate on growing and developing your company.

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